Tulane University Dining Yearbook

Tulane University

A brand identity that creates a sense of community lies at the core of Tulane University Dining Services and Sodexo's marketing plan. A nostalgic promotional piece designed to encourage current students and staff to renew their meal plans in the next school year, the Dining Yearbook features on-campus dining events and draws attention to the culinary expertise of Tulane Dining Services' chefs, capturing the family atmosphere of the university's dining community.

This design for the dining yearbook incorporated students' social media commentary into a portrait of dining events that incorporated both diners' and culinary staff's view of the year's best events. In two months, the yearbook increased overall social media engagement with Dining Services by 16%, providing an immediate return on investment, and an increase of 9% in meal plan sales for the following year. 

Concept development, social media engagement, content structure, copywriting, design, creative and art direction, budget management, vendor relations and photography.