Nunez Community College

Nunez Community College

The newly developed Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism program at Nunez Community College needed to build awareness of its program initiatives in order to expand, but the demographically varied targets – from immediate high school graduates to continuing education students seeking a career change – posed a challenge to advertising.  This custom branded infographic was developed to stir interest in the broadest possible audience by providing a quick, information-packed overview of the new program and the career paths it could open.

The infographic's consistency with existing Nunez brand standards – the same logo, color palette, and type treatments – shows a unity with the educational mission of the college overall.  However, the addition of illustrations showing career options makes a visually attractive statement of the fresh possibilities the program's expansion provides.  The result uses the college's existing reputation to ground an appeal to a wider variety of potential HRT students.

Creative direction and design.