Ironsides Waffles

Tulane University

Ironsides Waffles is a food truck with a variety of whimsical takes on locally-sourced comfort food, as a mobile gourmet option serving fresh-baked waffle sandwiches. The menu design offers a fusion of items already popular in stationary locations on campus. A lighthearted superhero theme tailors the waffle meals to an audience looking for humor in their between-class snacks. Students who order potato chips, for instance, will be invited to “champion their own cause” by selecting from the range of flavors, each of which is tied to a charitable effort that receives a portion of the proceeds.

In addition to its locavore pitch, Ironsides Waffles grounds its marketing in the experience of chasing down the truck. Tulane students looking for a satisfying, humorously-presented meal will turn to social media to find the University's newest dining location, including Twitter and Instagram. Mr. Ironsides, the truck's mascot, will also tout the day's limited-time specials.

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